I know there hasn't been a "rants" section in awhile, but to be honest it was just too damn busy around here! Plus, I didn't want it turning into some sort of boring 'blog'.

Well, I've got some great news about EAR CANDY:
In January 2005 we should have earcandymag.com up and running!
That's right, our growth finally warranted getting a 'proper' site. We'll still keep the old site up at tripod, at least for the time being.

And as I am sure you know by now (if you follow EAR CANDY) that we changed our format slightly. Instead of having one big issue for each installment, we will add articles and stories every few days as they are ready.

There were a few articles that just didn't make it into this issue because of the time factor, so we'll have lots in store for the New Year!